Corporate Receptions

Our cuisine is rich and genuine. It is original, and strives to respect both product and tradition. Good cuisine always starts with the right choice of products. All year long, depending on the season, our chefs make their selection from a wide range of products, and choose from the best fish, meat, poultry, vegetables... based on their quality and freshness. 
Whether you want an elegant Champagne reception with chic canapés, a refined three course sit down dinner, a welcoming buffet with all the trimmings, friendly bowl food, or a combination of all of the above, we will work with you to create your perfect menu.

Innovative. Professional.

Corporate receptions are a little different to private events, but the aim remains the same; to entertain and delight. Whether you are hosting 50 people or 5000, our sense of creativity and attention to detail guarantee that your company will stand out, for all the right reasons.

Reception Types

Corporate receptions come in many different guises, from public events like a product launch or an opening ceremony, to private ones like a staff party or a board meeting. What all share in common is the need to reflect your company and the way you do business. Efficient, creative, courteous and professional, our approach is designed to do just that.


Our commitment to the fine food experience means that we use the finest ingredients and the freshest goods in menus that make the most of seasonal, and wherever possible, local produce. It also means that we guarantee the quality of what we make. As holders of the ISO 22000 certification, we are proud to say that our guarantee is also globally recognised. 


Clever cocktails, a superior selection of soft drinks and some of the finest teas and coffees available, our beverage options are as varied and individual as our menus, so there’s always something interesting on hand with which to make a toast.


Like any business, we invest in our people, giving them the training they need to further their professional development. You can feel the result of that in every interaction; the loyalty, sense of belonging and pride our staff take in their work. By encouraging our team to become their best, we believe they are better able to serve your needs, too. 


In addition to thoughtful set-ups, tailored specifically to the occasion, we approach plating and presentation as an art; expect spectacular buffet stations, dessert sections like no other, as well as table options and tableware carefully chosen to enhance the experience.