Magical. Memorable.

You want your special day to be perfect, and so do we. As you walk down the aisle, we’re beside you every step of the way. From mouth-watering menus and delectable dishes, to exquisite presentation and seamless service, let us do the heavy lifting and take the pressure out of your day. 

Reception Types

Of all life’s ceremonies, none is quite as complex or as demanding as a wedding. From the many pre-reception events to the big night itself, there are guests to be cared for and fed, and we’re here to make sure that happens, elegantly and efficiently.


We like to think of the food as the third partner in your wedding. It should be generous, it should be creative, it should be memorable and it should be delicious. In making our sumptuous mains, spectacular desserts and of course, that cake like no other, we draw on various traditions, Lebanese, European and International, to create menus that strike the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.


Our beverage menu also receives our full attention. From classic drinks, served with a twist and signature cocktails devised to 
celebrate the event or the season, as well as a wide and inventive array of non-alcoholic options, we aim to ensure that like the happy couple themselves, our food is always perfectly paired.


Our expert staff are the public face of what we do, they are also your ambassadors, there to ensure your guests feel welcomed and included. We take your wedding to heart, which makes it our pleasure, as well as our privilege, to ensure that everything goes beautifully to plan.


We don’t just cater, we also serve and present. From large items like food and dessert stations, tables and chairs, to the tableware and accessories, our equipment comes in a wide range of styles, from classic to contemporary. Whichever you choose, our expert mise-en-scène will ensure our set-ups look like no other. 


We have the flexibility to adapt to the venue of your choice, as well as offer suggestions if you haven’t yet decided on one. Small or large, indoors or out, at home or in a wedding hall, in the middle of an orchard or on a mountain top, we have the creativity and expertise to turn wherever you have chosen into an unforgettable experience.